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Welcome to iModNext, which belongs to Fuzhou Dahe Digital Technology Co., Ltd., and reminds you (user) to read this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) carefully before registering as a user to ensure that you fully understand this agreement. Various terms. Please read carefully and choose to accept or not accept this agreement. You are not authorized to register, log in or use the services covered by this Agreement unless you accept all the terms of this Agreement. Your registration, login, use, etc. will be deemed acceptance of this Agreement and you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.
This agreement stipulates the rights and obligations of iModNext and the user regarding the iModNext model download and use service (hereinafter referred to as "service"). “User” means an individual who registers, logs in, or uses the Service. This agreement may be updated by iModNext at any time. The updated terms of the agreement will be replaced by the original terms of the agreement without prior notice. Users can check the terms of the latest agreement on this website. After iModNext modifies the terms of the agreement, if the user does not accept the revised terms, please stop using the service provided by iModNext immediately, and the user will continue to use the service provided by iModNext will be deemed to accept the modified agreement.

Chapter I General
Article 1 “iModNext” is a registered trademark of Fuzhou Dahe Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Anyone may not use it in any form without the permission of Fuzhou Dahe Digital Technology Co., Ltd. iModNext is an open platform for Fuzhou Dahe Digital Technology Co., Ltd. to provide users with model downloads. The ownership, management and management rights of iModNext belong to Fuzhou Dahe Digital Technology Co., Ltd. The final interpretation of this agreement belongs to Fuzhou Dahe Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Chapter 2 iModNext User
Article 2 All registered users and browsing users are iModNext users. The user's personal information is protected and no inquiries from any individual or organization are accepted. Except for legal inquiries by state organs, except for the disclosure of the user's personal settings.

Article 3 The words and deeds of users shall not violate the Measures for the Administration of Security Protection of International Network of Computer Information Networks, the Measures for the Administration of Internet Information Services, the Regulations on the Administration of Internet Electronic Announcement Services, the Decision to Maintain Internet Security, and the Internet News Information Service. Relevant laws and regulations such as the “Regulations” may not publish, transmit or otherwise transmit information containing one of the following contents at the 1) against the basic principles established by the Constitution; 2) endangering national security and revealing state secrets, Subverting state power and undermining national unity; 3) damaging national glory and interests; 4) inciting national hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining national unity; 5) undermining national religious policies and promoting cults and feudal superstitions; 6) spreading rumors 7) Disrupting social order and undermining social stability; 7) Spreading obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetment; 8) Insulting or slandering others, infringing on the legal rights of others; 9) Inciting illegal assembly, association, Parade, demonstrations, gathering people to disturb social order 10) Activities in the name of illegal civil organizations; 11) Containing false, harmful, coercive, infringing on the privacy, harassment, infringement, slander, vulgarity, embarrassment, or other morally objectionable content; 12) Containing Chinese law, Regulations, regulations, regulations, and other content restricted or prohibited by any legally binding norm.

Chapter III Copyright Statement
Article 4 iModNext independently owns or co-owns with related content providers to design relevant content (including but not limited to text, pictures, audio, video materials, advertisements, domain names, programs, column catalogues and names, content classification standards and pages). Copyright, or other related intellectual property rights in design, layout, software, etc.). Except as otherwise provided by Chinese law, no part of iModNext's copyright or other intellectual property rights may be copied or mirrored on any non-iModNext server or used in any other way without the written permission of iModNext; The works published by the website, the website is prohibited by the copyright owner from prohibiting any media, website or individual from reprinting without written authorization. In violation of the above statement, iModNext will pursue its legal responsibility according to law.

Chapter IV Disclaimer
Article 5 If the website needs to be suspended due to system maintenance or upgrade, it will be announced in advance. If you are unable to use this website due to any reason or other force majeure such as network conditions, communication lines, third-party websites, etc., this website is not responsible for any inconvenience and loss caused during the suspension of service. Any third-party web pages that are searched for by using this website are created or provided by others. You may obtain information and services from such third-party web pages. This website is not responsible for its legality and does not assume any legal responsibility. .

Article 6 This website respects and protects the personal privacy of all users who use this website. Personal information such as your registered user name and email address may not be approved by you or in accordance with the mandatory provisions of relevant laws and regulations. Will actively disclose to third parties. This website reminds you that the keywords you enter when using the search engine will not be considered your personal data.

Article 7 This website collects your personal information when you voluntarily choose services or provide information, and integrates this information to provide you with better customer service. Please provide your personal information in a timely, detailed and accurate manner at the time of registration, and keep updating the registration information to meet timely, detailed and accurate requirements. All original typed materials will be cited as registration materials. If you have problems due to untrue registration information, you will be responsible for the consequences. Please do not transfer or lend your account number or password to others. If you find that your account has been illegally used by others, you should notify this website immediately. This website is not responsible for the illegal use of accounts and passwords due to hacking or negligence of users.

Chapter V Statement of Rights
Article 8 The information obtained by the user from iModNext shall not be used for the purpose of profit or for the use of the third party without the prior permission (except for the "fair use" condition stipulated by law). Otherwise, all legal consequences are borne by the user or a third party, regardless of iModNext. It is forbidden to use any robots, spiders, other automated devices, or manual programs to monitor or copy iModNext web pages or any content contained therein without the prior permission of Fuzhou Dahe Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Otherwise, iModNext has the right to pursue legal responsibility according to law.
Chapter VI Punishment Rules
Article 9 Fuzhou Dahe Digital Technology Co., Ltd. solemnly reminds users that if any one or more of the following conditions occur, they will bear the consequences including the closure of all or part of the authority, suspension or deletion of their account, and the circumstances will be serious. Bear the corresponding legal responsibilities.
· Use indecent or inappropriate IDs and nicknames;
· Publish illegal or infringing statements such as defamatory, pornographic, personal attacks and anti-government speeches;
· The user posts the advertisement in other forms within iModNext;
· Users are prohibited from transferring or selling their iModNext account and download coupons in any way. Once discovered, iModNext has the right to immediately ban the account;

· Other circumstances that Fuzhou Dahe Digital Technology Co., Ltd. considered inappropriate.

Special statement: Due to the risk of illegally selling and reselling the iModNext charging model, the user account excessively downloads any content of the website, such as models, textures, design cases, etc., which is beyond the scope of ordinary people and will be judged by the system as the marketing model of the stolen model. Will be permanently frozen and banned, will not accept any complaints, the account balance will not be refunded, if you have any questions, please contact iModNext QQ customer service: 20269765563

Chapter VII Supplementary Provisions
Article 10 If iModNext needs to suspend service due to system maintenance or upgrade, etc., it will be announced in advance. iModNext shall not be liable for any inconvenience or loss caused during the suspension of service due to hardware failure or other force majeure. Fuzhou Dahe Digital Technology Co., Ltd. assumes no responsibility for the loss of information and/or other results due to the adjustment of iModNext. iModNext has the right to continually modify and improve the relevant provisions of iModNext Help, including the Library Agreement, in accordance with changes in the laws, regulations and regulatory documents of the People's Republic of China and the development of the Internet and its own business. iModNext reserves the right to modify the iModNext Help Terms, including the Library Agreement, at any time. For issues not covered by this agreement, please refer to relevant national laws and regulations. When this agreement conflicts with national laws and regulations, the national laws and regulations shall prevail.

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